Sustainability Best Practice Example: Condensator Dominit GmbH

Regionally grounded and sustainably in the world

Condensator Dominit GmbH is the world market leader in "active voltage stabilization and harmonic filters in industrial processes". In 2020, it has built a new factory building on a former industrial wasteland in Brilon-Wald that meets the latest energy and construction standards. A photovoltaic system on the roof, for example, provides most of the company's own energy supply. This power is also used to operate the heat exchanger in the building, which draws the cold in summer and the heat in winter from the neighboring Hoppecke stream to supply the entire building with space heating or cooling via underfloor heating. The result is complete independence from all fossil fuels in the entire thermal system of the building. Additionally, during very exceptional power peaks, the company only buys certified green electricity. As a further structural measure to optimize the use of energy in all areas of the new building throughout the day, LED lighting technology combined with an intelligent Sustainable Smart Industry control system was installed throughout the new building.

To involve the workforce in the company's sustainability course, CEO Dr. Christian Dresel offers all employees a small electric vehicle sponsored by the company. Condensator Dominit provides the electricity for these vehicles free of charge to its employees (as well as its business customers, of course) at the company's two car park e-charging stations. Further charging stations are already being planned to support the company's climate action

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Generally, another important factor in the overall sustainability of a company is the social aspect, which must never be forgotten. A company site designed for accessibility, including all related infrastructure is an important tool to increase the active participation of all Condensator Dominit employees. The employees can be sure that in the worst case the company will provide a space suitable for the disabled, independent of the floor or office space.

Furthermore, Condensator Dominit expands into the large field of sustainability with all-encompassing term of biodiversity. Biodiversity for the company means to harmoniously combine the environment and industry. Therefore, the green spaces of the factory premises in the district of Brilon-Wald were recently

used to plant a wildflower meadow and a wild field for grazing wild animals. This was done together with a local school and a local village association. Dr. Dresel is already considering whether further sustainability potential can be realized on the facade and roof surfaces of the industrial building or in the neighboring historic vinegar tower.

In terms of energy, Germany as an industrial location and the European grid will - in the long term - be powered mainly by a mix of renewable energies such as solar, wind, water, biomass, and hydrogen. The combination of these technologies leads - from an electrotechnical point of view - to a distortion of the voltage in the supply grid.

Therefore, production processes that are then powered by renewable energies might be very susceptible to faults. Avoiding this is one of the main fields of activity of Condensator Dominit GmbH. The correction or filtering of voltage distortions in industrial processes. With their systems the voltage in highly complicated industrial processes is regulated and secured to conform to the standards of any high-tech machinery.

The sum of all the aspects reflects that coherence (from Latin: cohaerere = to hang together) is the most important point in the daily business of Dr. Dresel and his team.

On the one hand, physical coherence: the property of an extended wave field that leads to voltage imbalances in the electrical supply network due to phase shifting. These imbalances are filtered out in an optimizing manner with the help of the highly innovative products of the Sauerland-based company. In line with this, according to Managing Director Dr. Christian Dresel, is the coherent behavior of a clearly defined value base for sustainable action. He likes to emphasize how important it is that entrepreneurs take responsibility and think for future generations. This means that in entrepreneurial decision-making, aspects of the environment and social responsibility also play an equal role, alongside immediate business success.

Foto: Condensator Dominit GmbH

For Dr. Christian Dresel, sustainability is not a contradiction to economic success. "Only if we shape the energy transition into prosperity will the German energy transition become a global climate transition. Countries like India, China or the USA will only walk the same path if Germany proves that the energy transition does not lead to a loss of prosperity." says Dr. Dresel. Therefore: sustainability, social behavior and economic success are mutually dependent and ensure the long-term existence of a company. Regardless of whether sustainability and social behavior are good or bad, these two aspects must simply be seen as meaningful. Only if all people in the society have enough to live in prosperity, will the entrepreneur also do well.